Girl You're A Dude (2005)

Cast: Gabriela Silva, Shayene Lima, Marcus Muller, Kalena Rios, Caio de Castro, Taina Lozada, Renato Lemos, Igor Sales

Damn looking all fine and shit.. Nice perky tits and great round ass..


Girls Who Like Guys Who Like Trannies 4 (2013)

Cast: Alex Bad Boy, Alexandre Castro, Alexia Nogueira, Amanda Bourbom, Anita Salome, Bruna Acevedo, Ed Jr, Maite Gaspari, Rochieelle Schamann, Sandro Bullack, Shakira Maya, Viviane Castro

Girls Who Like Guys Who Like Trannies # 4 porn These open minded ladies love a guy who likes a smoking hot transsexual.


He's A Frickin She 4 (2011)

Cast: Fernanda Barros, Grazielle Sanches, Thays Dumont, Renata Tavares, Barbara Hodsa

Right Up The Poop Shoot! Hot Ass Hotty! Cum Blast! Wet & Wild! In My Ass! Hard Anal Action!


Shemale Blowjobs 4 (2008)

Cast: Gyslaine Rodriguez, Grazielle, Kalena Rios, Adriela Vendromine, Kyara Dias, Laisa Lins

So you found this smoking hot girl at the beach and you both decide to go back to your place for some fun.


Ultra Kinky 13 - Shemale Shockers (1995)


Firm Asses, slim waists, firm tits, and yes, a huge cocks! Yeoow!


Filthy Shemale Sluts 7 (2010)

Cast: Melanie, Isabel, Beatrice, Naila, Allisandra, Graziela

Hardcore nasty, dirty, filthy scenes featuring some of the sleaziest sluttiest shemales you will ever see because these sluts have nuts!


Blondes - A Transsexual Affair With Girls (2007)

Cast: Carla Tavares, Leona Andrev, Syang Angel

When you combine three hot and vivacious females with three equally hot, horny and vivacious trannies, there's no way you can avoid combustion. You might as well have added gasoline to the fire. A good portion of estrogen topped off by similar dose of estrogen, laced with a soupcon of testosterone, is what resulted in this movie. An all-out orgy


Transsexual Jerk Offs 5 (2010)

Cast: Giovanna, Dinese, Thays, Kalena Rios

"Transsexual Jerk Offs 5" brings you seven scenes of hot and horny T-girls and Ladyboys with big fat cocks waiting to explode and blow their loads just for you. Thays, Giovanna, Kalena Rios, Beer, Dinese and Kimmy want to show you how they like to be stroked, so they jerk off for the camera and then cum all over themselves.


Cum Sucking She-Males (2004)

Cast: Veronika, Alexia Nogueira, Luana, Paloma, Jackeline Beaggi, Sheile

What's better than a she male? A Cum Sucking She-Male! What's better than a Cum Sucking She-Male?


Mundo Transex (2006)

Cast: Milena Vendramine, Walkiria Drumond, Alexia Nogueira

All around the world there are beautiful woman with large secrets hiding behind their skirts.


Heavenly Trannies (2007)

Cast: Adrieli, Marchinha, Juliana, Tereza, Dhomenica.

Super hot trannies get their long cocks sucked and their sphincter challenged.

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