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Blondes - A Transsexual Affair With Girls (2007)

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Blondes - A Transsexual Affair With Girls (2007)

Blondes - A Transsexual Affair With Girls (2007)

Starring: Carla Tavares, Leona Andrev, Syang Angel
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2007

When you combine three hot and vivacious females with three equally hot, horny and vivacious trannies, there's no way you can avoid combustion. You might as well have added gasoline to the fire. A good portion of estrogen topped off by similar dose of estrogen, laced with a soupcon of testosterone, is what resulted in this movie. An all-out orgy ensues with legs and other dangling body parts entangled among each other ... Hence, the director's trailer pinpoints the action ... Licking transsexual asshole can make your pussy wet. Blondes make me so fucking horny! I love girls so much that I became one. These are better than real lesbians! And the action is non-stop!


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