Stick It All the Way In

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Stick It All the Way In

Starring: Fernanda Cristine, 24
Categories: She-male
Length: 28 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 1530mb

Fernanda’s a beguiling, redheaded, tattooed transsexual goddess with a fine, firm fit body, mesmerizing eyes, and a stout savory sausage. Her man’s bringing her flowers in bed to wake her also wakes her morning wood, which leads to some sensual kissing and caressing and her giving him a gorgeous blowjob. He returns the favor by savoring sucking her rock hard stony shaft, bringing a wicked smile to her face. He then worships and licks her bunghole before they move into a 69 to satisfy their oral cravings. Laying him flat on his stomach, she spanks his ass hard before sliding her rigid rod into his asshole, slowly, rhythmically plowing him, then increasing the tempo as she vigorously pounds it into him with fiery fervor, her divine, firm round ass flexing as she thrusts her pork sword deep into him. After he sucks his ass juice from her potent prick, she sits on his face, having him lick her asshole as she swoons with desire before she sits on his baloney pony in reverse cowgirl, bouncing on him with unbridled lust while moaning in whorish rapture as she jerks off her wonder wang to squirt her joy juice all over him. He then lays her in missionary, pounding his trouser snake into her tight asshole as she pants moans and screams with sluttish jubilation. Continuing his anal probing in doggie, he ferociously pile drives his manhood into her as she begs for more, moaning like a whore in heat until he spray paints her asshole with a copious coating of cum.

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Nicolly is a gorgeous, sultry, raven-haired, tattooed transsexual siren with a devastating T&A body and a tasty special surprise. Unable to keep his hands off of her, her man puts her in doggie so he can bury his tongue and fingers up her asshole, licking her balls and gluttonously, sucking her rock-hard wonder wang. She reciprocates by giving him an impressive blowjob with deft oral artistry while stroking her own steely shaft. He then resumes deep throating her impressive member as she dominantly fucks his face before lying down in missionary to have him vigorously plow his meat stick into her as she jerks off her own flinty joystick, moaning with hedonistic exultation. Rolling her back onto her shoulders with her ass in the air, he pile-drives his pork sword down into her with fiery fervor as she moans and screams in sluttish jubilation. She then mounts her fine round ass onto his meat missile, and it ferociously fires up into her in cowgirl while she moans, wails, and screams in orgiastic exultation. Laying him flat on his stomach, she barbarically slams her virile member into his ass with fury. She continues her anal probing in missionary until she pulls out to hose down his balls with a stream of her cum. Being a good sport, she gets into doggie then lying on her side as he ardently fucks her asshole while her euphoric moans fill the room. He continues to drill his cock into her in missionary until he pulls out to cover her ass with a copious coating of cum.
Interracial DAP
Fernanda is a gorgeous, redheaded, tattooed transsexual goddess with a banging Brazilian T&A body and a tasty joystick. Hungry for the black stud that her man has invited over for a threesome, she ravenously sucks his inky black horse cock with sluttish gusto as her man licks then fucks her asshole while she moans ecstatically. Spinning her around, they fuck both of her ends while her euphoric moans serenade us. Then, with her asshole planted on her swarthy stud’s coal black fuck-pole in cowgirl, her man frantically fucks her asshole in a double anal penetration while she moans in hedonistic exultation. The guys then switch, with her riding her stud’s fuck-pole in reverse cowgirl while the black guy fiercely plows his jet black donkey dick into her asshole, continuing her DAP while she frenetically jerks off her own joystick, moaning and wailing in sluttish jubilation. After she sucks her ass juice from her dark Casanova’s prick, he vehemently drills his coal black schlong into her while she lays on her side, sucking the other guy’s dork and moaning rapturously. Blowing his wad, her sable stud deposits a hefty creampie in her ass that slowly oozes out, but, wanting to get her off too, he plows his still rigid rod back into her in missionary while she frantically jerks off, unleashing a geyser of goo all over her leg. She then earnestly sucks and jerks off her man’s cock until he fires a load of jism into and all over her mouth, after which all three have big happy satiated smiles on their faces.

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