Happy to be Double Sodomized

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Happy to be Double Sodomized

Starring: Isabelly Ferreira, 27
Categories: She-male
Length: 33 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 630mb

Izabelly is a scintillating raven haired tattooed and pierced transexual siren with a tanned toned body, who enlists two black studs to satisfy her carnal cravings. She ravenously sucks one monster cock with whorish hunger, while the other stud fingers and licks her asshole fanning her flames of desire into a raging inferno. Once naked, she switches to savor sucking the other inky black donkey dick, while the first stud licks and fingers her asshole, until her cock is rock hard, then sucks it with gusto. Mounted on one titanic tool fiercely firing into her in reverse cowgirl, she voraciously sucks the other monster cock with gusto, while moaning ecstatically. The stud then squeezes in his dinosaur dick next to his hung partner for a sphincter stretching double anal penetration, catapulting her into a delirious moaning wailing sexual delirium. Moving into doggie, she savors sucking one colossal cock, as the other brutishly slams into her ass, as she moans euphorically. Climbing onto one in cowgirl, the other stud joins in for another double anal penetration, as she moans and squeals in whorish rapture. Back in doggie, she sucks one, while the other briskly pile drives his dinosaur dick into her ass, as she hedonistically moans in a sex drunk revelry, until he deposits a cream pie in her ass, that she squirts out in a creamy cum fart, then his buddy shoots his load into her mouth, before he sucks her off to return the favor, filling his mouth with her sweet joy juice as well.

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Rafaela is an intoxicating, sultry, dark haired, tattooed, brown skinned transsexual seductress. Noticing the plumber's trouser tool bulging conspicuously, her incendiary, carnal craving for cock, drives Rafaela to hungrily, sucks his turgid tool, with rapacious, sluttish avarice, verve, and consummate, oral aptitude. He then furiously licks and finger fucks the doorway to her Hershey Highway, while she groans ecstatically. Then, while she groans euphorically, he gluttonously sucks her beefy tongue depressor. After a sumptuous 69, he brutishly pile-drives his beef bazooka into her in doggie, bareback, as she moans and squeals, with untethered, animalistic passions. Rolling her into spoon, then missionary, he vehemently drills his pork sword into her while she moans and cries out, in depraved exultation. Subsequently, she wildly slams her voracious asshole onto his towering tool in reverse cowgirl, moaning and wailing, in decadent jubilation. Switching gears, she aggressively pounds her pretty prick into him in doggie, as he groans rapturously. Then, she zealously plows her big dick into him, in missionary, as he groans and moans, in a dick-drunk delirium. After she robustly bounces him on her meat missile in reverse cowgirl, he resumes vigorously plowing her ass in missionary, while she frantically jacks off, as he deposits a cream pie, which oozes out in all it’s gooey goodness. Lastly, she frenetically jerks off shooting her sweet nectar into, and all over his mouth.

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