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Julia & Nataly Play with the Fuck Machine

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Julia & Nataly Play with the Fuck Machine

Starring: Julia Alves, 23 , Nataly Sousa, 23
Categories: She-male
Length: 21 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 610mb

Julia’s an alluring, tall, statuesque, raven-haired, brown-skinned, tattooed, transsexual Goddess, with a humongous, horse cock, and Nataly is a bewitching, sultry, pale-skinned, tattooed, black-haired, transsexual beauty, with a mouth-watering pink cigar. We begin, with the girls sensually kissing, caressing, and undressing each other, then with her own cock, as hard as, a steel girder, Nataly ravenously sucks Julia’s colossal cock, with sluttish avidity, verve, and accomplished oral aptitude. Then, Julia slobbers on Nataly’s beefy tongue depressor, luxuriating in savoring sucking it, and licking her asshole, with whorish, epicurean joy. While Nataly gets off, having the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, fucking her mouth, while she moans euphorically. Turning around, Nataly gluttonously sucks Julia’s monster cock, while the 6000 resolutely fucks her ass, with it’s piston-driven prick, in standing doggie, as she moans and squeals ecstatically. Borrowing the dildo, from the 6000, Nataly uses it to fervently fuck Julia’s ass, while gluttonously sucking her ginormous dick, as Julia moans appreciatively. Then, while lying, in a side missionary, as the 6000 diligently drilling its big dick into her ass, Julia revels in sucks Nataly’s potent prick, while moaning in whorish rapture. For the finale, Julia squirts her joy juice, into Nataly’s mouth, while she splatters her own cum, all over her thigh, for a gorgeous gooey ending.

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Julia’s an enchanting, tall, black-haired, tattooed, transsexual Temptress, with a ginormous, donkey dick, and Nataly is a mesmerizing, pale-skinned, tattooed, raven-haired, transsexual, sexual siren, with a beefy tongue depressor. After sucking, fondling, and working some dildos into their asses, while moaning euphorically, Julia gluttonously sucks, Nataly’s potent prick, with sluttish avidity, verve, and admirable, oral prowess, while Nataly fucks her ass, with a huge dildo, as they moan elatedly. Then, Nataly savors sucking Julia’s horse cock, with sluttish epicurean relish, and masterful, oral aptitude, while moaning rhapsodically. After a scrumptious 69, Julia assertively pounds her monster cock into Nataly, bareback, in doggie, while she sucks on a dildo, moaning and squealing, like a little, slut puppy. Nataly then brutishly slams her steely shaft, into Julia, bareback, while she lies on her side, moaning and yelping, in sluttish jubilation. Then, Julia wantonly slams her asshole, onto Nataly’s pork sword, in reverse cowgirl, while moaning and screeching, ecstatically. Then, Nataly bounces her ass, onto Julia’s meat saber, in reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl, moaning and shrieking, with unbridled, primal passions. For the finale, Julia spews her joy juice, into Nataly’s mouth, which she savors swallowing, with sluttish relish, before frenetically whacking off her own wonder whang, that fires a jet stream of jism into Julia’s mouth, for a sweet, salty ending.
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OMG, are you in for a treat! We have not one, but two gorgeous trannies, enjoying our Fuck 6000 mechanical fucking machine, and each other, in this steamy scene. Kelly is a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, brunette, transexual Goddess, with very passable, runway model looks, and a hefty prick. Maira is a lovely, pale-skinned, tattooed, black-haired, semi-Goth looking transsexual beauty, with a scrumptious, savory sausage. After some foreplay, Kelly savors sucking the 6000’s faux-cock, moaning euphorically, as it steadily fucks her mouth, while Maira licks her nipples. Then Maira guides the 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, to steadily drive it’s huge, silicon cock into Kelly’s ass, in doggie, then missionary, as she gluttonously sucks Maira’s beef stick, while moaning and yelping ecstatically. Aroused, Maira ravenously sucks Kelly’s big dick, while the 6000 continues it’s anal assault, with resolute resolve, as she moans and squeals, in whorish exultation. Aroused, Maira takes turns sucking Kelly’s ass juice from the 6000’s big dick, as it fucks her mouth, and Kelly’s mouth-watering, pink cigar, while moaning elatedly. She then moves into doggie, then on her back, continuing to gluttonously suck Kelly’s cock candy, while the 6000 drills her ass relentlessly, while she moans and yelps, with unbridled passions, until Kelly spews her sweet nectar, all over her shoulder and tits, and Maira’s orgasmic explosion covers her belly with joy juice, for a glorious, gooey ending.
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