My Secret Transgressions 3 (2021)

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My Secret Transgressions 3 (2021)

My Secret Transgressions 3 (2021)

Starring: Crystal Thayer, Kai Lani, Korra Del Rio, Paradise, Dante Colle, Joel Someone, Bentley Layne, Wolf Hudson
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2021

Crystal Thayer is lying on a couch texting with a friend. As they chat, it becomes clear that Crystal is at the home of her lover, Joel Someone. Joel is a married man and Crystal's friend warns her to be careful. At that moment, Joel walks in, greeting Crystal. Crystal seems sad for a moment, telling Joel that she wishes they didn't have to sneak around. Joel doesn't have an easy answer for Crystal, instead leaning in and kissing her. Crystal gasps, their chemistry strong. Joel caresses Crystal's perfect body, his hand wandering down to her hard cock. Their relationship may be a secret, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun...
Korra Del Rio and her boyfriend Bentley Layne are relaxing together in the bathtub. Bentley says that he wants to try a new sushi restaurant, and asks Korra if she wants to go tomorrow night. Korra likes the idea, and asks Bentley if he wants to bring any of his friends along. But Bentley says that his friends are all jerks, and he hasn't even told them that he's dating a trans woman because he knows they wouldn't understand. He admits that he also hasn't told his family about Korra, because he knows that they wouldn't understand either. Korra says that it must be really hard for Bentley to have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone, and one of these days someone is bound to find out. Bentley says that he'll deal with it when that happens. For now, Bentley is just happy to enjoy his love for Korra, and happily sucks on her pretty cock. Then they both get out of the tub and head for the bedroom, so they can take their lovemaking even further...
Dante Colle shows Kai Lani around his cabin. When she asks Dante why he brought her all the way out to the country to be with her, Dante says that someone who knows his wife saw him at the hotel that he and Kai usually go to. But Dante gave the person a convincing excuse and they were none-the-wiser. Kai becomes curious, asking Dante what his wife would think if she found out about his attraction to trans women. Dante isn't sure, musing aloud that he might tell her one day. But the only thing Dante is interested in at the moment is Kai. Dante kisses her passionately as Kai slides to her knees, putting Dante's hard cock in her mouth. Their secret getaway is already getting off to a great start...
The beautiful Paradise is wearing sexy lingerie and relaxing on the couch, as she observes Wolf Hudson talking on the phone with his girlfriend. Wolf tells his girlfriend that he's staying at his friend's house, because his friend needs consoling after a bad breakup. After Wolf ends the call, Paradise teasingly calls him a liar. Wolf says that his friend really did go through a bad breakup, although of course he's lying about being at the friend's house. Paradise asks Wolf what his girlfriend would think if she knew that he's actually with a trans woman right now. Wolf replies that she'd be jealous, because she doesn't want him to be with ANY other woman. Paradise says that maybe his girlfriend would understand if Wolf simply explained that he has a thing for trans women... maybe the girlfriend would even agree to a threesome! Wolf sadly says that's unlikely to happen, and that he'd rather just have sex with Paradise instead of continuing to talk about this. Paradise is happy to go along with his wish, and lets Wolf start sucking on her cock and touching her breasts...




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