Sweet Holiday Mornings!

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Sweet Holiday Mornings!

Starring: Irina Chanell
Categories: She-male
Length: 29 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 1640mb

It's about that time ladies and gentlemen! Christmas time and our girl Irina Chanell is ready for some huge cock! We hope you guys are ready for some action! Let's get to it!

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Gaby is an enchanting, tall, willowy, coal-black haired, tattooed, transsexual Venus, with runway model looks, tiny, tasty, natural tits, and a big, fat salami. Gaby’s man berates her for her infidelity, after catching her sucking a guy’s huge cock, but ignoring him, the stud diligently drills his donkey dick into her in doggie, bareback, as she groans ecstatically. Unable to stop them, her man decides to join them, having her ravenously suck his prick, with whorish, wolfish hunger, while the stud pummels her ass, as she groans hedonistically. Next, her man potently plows his steely shaft into her in missionary, while she greedily sucks her ass juice off the other big dick, moaning and crying out, in lecherous exultation. Following a fabulous 69, they gluttonously suck her pleasure pole, and tasty, tiny, natural tits, as she moans elatedly. With her motor revved, she wildly slams her ass onto her man’s cock, in reverse cowgirl, moaning and wailing, in lascivious jubilation. Subsequently, she luxuriates in a sphincter stretching DAP in cowgirl, then in a jaw-dropping reverse cowgirl, moaning and shrieking, with untethered, primal passions. Then, the guys brutishly drill their dicks into her in doggie, taking turns depositing cream pies, which ooze out of her puckered bung hole, in a white cascade of cum. Finally, she vigorously jacks off, unleashing a spectacular, mile high, geyser of goo, with a glorious, body convulsing orgasm, leaving her with a big, satisfied smile on her face.
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Gaby is an intoxicating, tall, slender, jet-black haired, tattooed, transsexual goddess with a flawless, feminine facade, small, natural breasts, a heavenly ass, and scrumptious, beefy, tongue depressor. Following an entrancing striptease, where she revels in twerking her sublime ass in our face, she stands before us, firmly stroking her stiff, stout shaft with perverse glee, and a wicked smile. She then has the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, resolutely fuck her greedy mouth, as she displays her oral aptitude, groaning euphorically. Next, she has the 6000 steadily drill its massive, faux cock into her ass in standing doggie, as she moans and squeals, with unbridled, primal passions, while we enjoy the view, gazing up her long, lean legs to her divine ass. The 6000 continues poundding its silicon prick into her ass, as she lies on her back jerking-off, moaning and crying out, in lecherous exultation. When her moaning, wailing passions reach their crescendo, she explodes in a glorious orgasm, which spills her sweet nectar all over herself, for a glorious, gooey ending.

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