Trans Noob Nookie

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Trans Noob Nookie

Starring: Vitoria Fernandes
Categories: She-male
Length: 31 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 760mb

Vitoria is an enticing, black-haired, tattooed, transsexual stunner, with a very passable, female veneer, and a scrumptious savory sausage. Being only human, her handsome hunk is powerless to resist her enthralling beauty and is soon gluttonously sucking her beefy, tongue depressor, then masterfully licking her asshole with an impassioned zeal that sets her passions ablaze, as she moans euphorically. She rewards his efforts by ravenously sucking his stiff, stout shaft, with rapacious, whorish avarice, and impressive, oral aptitude. After a delicious 69, he vehemently slams his steely shaft into her ass bareback, in doggie, as she moans, and yelps, with unbridled, primal passion. He continues his anal assault in spoon, barbarously drilling his dauntless dick into her nether region with a savage fury that makes her moan, and cry out, in decadent exultation. Moving into missionary, he leads her in a lively, anal samba, while she moans ecstatically. She then vehemently slams her voracious asshole onto his towering tool in reverse cowgirl, while moaning, and wailing in whorish rapture. To satiate her cum cravings, he fires a jet stream of jism into, and all over her mouth leaving her looking like a happy, glazed donut, as she whacks off to usher in her own splendiferous orgasm, with a massive geyser of goo drenching her belly, for a glorious, gooey ending.

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