Succubus (2021)

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Succubus (2021)

Succubus (2021)

Starring: Jane Wilde, Joanna Angel, Aubrey Kate, Mick Blue, Small Hands, Tommy Pistol, Zac Wild
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2021

Pastor Tommy (Tommy Pistol) leads Michael (Small Hands) and Mary (Jane Wilde) through a darkened church, showing the young couple around. Mary mentions that the space is perfect for them, since they just want a small, quiet ceremony, adding that it will just be the two of them.
When Mary excitedly tells Pastor Tommy that they'll see him tomorrow for the ceremony, Pastor Tommy grows grave. He warns them that marriage is a sacred bond, so if they're having second thoughts, now would be the time. Mary assures him that they have no doubt. Michael hesitates for a moment before echoing Mary's words, but Michael seems to be hiding something.
Pastor Tommy then tells them that he needs to go to prepare his next sermon. He scratches his neck absentmindedly, revealing a strange tattoo. But no one seems to notice it as Pastor Tommy takes his leave. Left alone, Mary can see that something is on Michael's mind. When she asks him what's going on, Michael admits that he's worried that they're rushing into things. They only just moved to this town. They don't have any friends or family there. He feels like they deserve a REAL wedding experience.
Rubbing her belly tenderly, Mary patiently reminds Michael that there's a REASON they have to do this now...before she starts showing. Michael sighs, saying that of course he understands, but he just pictured all the things that come along with a wedding, such as a bridal shower for her, and a bachelor party for him.
This gives Mary an idea. She suggests that Michael goes and has his own bachelor party at a local strip club and gets a lap dance or two. He could even stay at a motel so that they don't see each other until the wedding. Michael is hesitant at first, but Mary ultimately convinces him, assuring him that she just wants him to enjoy himself.
Later that night, at the strip club, dancer Joanna Angel has just finished entertaining the local patrons, many of whom have the same marking on them as Pastor Tommy. Joanna - who also bears the mark - walks into the dressing room, greeting Aubrey Kate. Aubrey has the same mark on her, and seems lost in thought as Joanna asks her what's going on with her. Aubrey quietly tells Joanna that she thinks she's losing it. 'Mortality's a bitch,' responds Joanna, telling Aubrey that they'll need to find her a real tender loving soul to suck the life out of. THAT will get Aubrey back to full strength. But finding a soul like that in a place like THIS is going to be a tall order.




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