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Look At Me

Mariana is a stunning, brunette, transsexual siren, with runway model looks, and a sizable, sweet salami between her legs. After a tantalizing striptease, flaunting her womanly body, and thick, stout shaft, she sits down, while firmly stroking her wonder whang, with impassioned zeal. She then grabs a massive dildo, wantonly sucking it, to lube it up before teasing her asshole with it. Then she attaches it to the Fuck 6000, our mechanized fuck machine, so that it can rhythmically fuck her mouth, making her swoon in a sluttish 7th heaven. Hungry for more she has the 6000 resolutely fuck her ass in doggie, with its indefatigable silicon prick, as she moans, and yelps, with uncaged, animalistic passions. The 6000 continues its anal assault, while she lies on her side frenetically stroking her cock, as she moans, and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. Lying on her back, she frantically jacks off her beef stick, while moaning, and wailing, in X-rated jubilation, until her sweet nectar spills out, in a soul-wrenching orgasm, but being a big ol’slut, she continues jerking off, to bring herself to a second glorious climax, for a finger-licking good, gooey finale.

Cast: Mariana Lins
Genre: Transsexual

Size: 741MB // Length: 25m // Video: 1280x720 // Format: mp4

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Mariana Eats Maira's Ass
Mariana is a ravishing, dark-haired, transsexual knock out, with a sweet, savory sausage, and Maira’s a gorgeous, raven-haired, tattooed, transsexual doll, with pert nipples, on her tiny, natural tits, and a jumbo-sized Johnson. Mariana gluttonously sucks Maira’s monster cock, with adept oral artistry, effortlessly sliding her big dick down her throat, balls deep, a true maestro of the oral arts. Maira uses her talented tongue to lavishly lick Mariana’s asshole, then Mariana returns the favor, coupled with some greedy cock sucking. Maira then ravenously sucks Mariana’s meat stick, before the girls move into a sumptuous 69. Mariana then plants her voracious asshole onto Maira’s towering tool, bareback, in reverse cowgirl, while spiritedly bouncing on it, moaning, and crying out, in pornographic exultation. Then Mariana lies in a side missionary, with one leg in the air, while Maira ardently plows her insatiable asshole, as she moans, and wails, in debauched jubilation. Maira continues her anal assault in doggie, then standing doggie, potently pounding her steely shaft into Mariana, while she moans, and yelps, with unbridled, primal passions. Switching it up, Mariana fervently fucks Maira’s ass in doggie, with her long dong, making her moan, and howl, with uncaged, animalistic fervor, before gifting her with a cream pie that oozes out her ass in creamy, white splendor. Maira then frantically jacks off, to coat Mariana’s tongue with her sweet nectar, for a glorious, gooey finale.
Plugging Her Hole
Julia’s an enticing, raven-haired, toned, tanned, tattooed, transsexual love doll, with a thick, stout shaft. After a breathtaking striptease, she firmly strokes her magnificent, thick, long cock. She then has the Fuck 6000, our piston-driven fuck machine, steadily fuck her mouth, with its massive silicon cock, while she groans euphorically. Then she has the 6000 resolutely fuck her full, round ass, as she crouches in doggie, then lying on her side, moaning, and yelping, with untethered passions. Flipping onto her back, with her legs in the air, the 6000 continues its anal assault, while she strokes her mouth-watering, wonder whang, moaning, and crying out, in orgiastic exultation, until she finally spills her sweet nectar all over herself, in a wondrous orgasm.
Transsexual Jerk-Offs 4 (2009)
These stunningly beautiful "girls" can jack off on their own tits! Watch these cuties with that extra tool to please...as they take care of some personal business...and it's a pleasure to watch 'em as they tease, stroke, and blast their dick juice! And you get to watch every detail!
Transsexual Talent Show 7 (2016)
Each of these girls has a hidden talent. And they want to shove that talent in some tight holes.
Shemale Sex Kittens 4 (2016)
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Sit On Her Cock
Julia is an enchanting, black-haired, tattooed, transsexual stunner, with a killer body, and a big, fat dick. Having electrical problems, she calls on a handyman, who gets knocked out, from an electrical shock, so she gives him CPR, but when he regains consciousness, he is charged with lust, kissing and caressing her sumptuous body. Getting a charge out of his lusty advances, she ravenously sucks his horse cock, with gluttonous, sluttish avarice, gusto, and glee. He reciprocates by greedily sucking her super-sized, beef stick with aplomb. After a breathtaking 69, he lavishly licks her asshole, as she moans ecstatically. He then ferociously fucks her ass bareback, in doggie, as she moans, and yelps, with unchained, animalistic passion. Once in a side missionary, he vehemently plows his titanic tool into her, as she moans, and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. He continues his anal assault, in an eye-popping, standing doggie, as she moans, and howls, with raw, unbridled, primal passions. Then she expertly licks his asshole, before brutishly slamming her steely shaft into him, while he groans, with impassioned zeal. She then has him vigorously bounce his ass onto her fuck pole, as she urges him on, savoring the sensations surging through her cock with greedy, sluttish relish. Then he fires a jet stream of jism into, and all over her mouth, then she frenetically jacks off, until a geyser of goo fills his mouth, with her sweet nectar, leaving them to kiss with their cum covered lips.

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