Isabella's DAP Delight

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Isabella's DAP Delight

Isabella’s a stunning, scarlet-haired, tattooed, transsexual seductress, with womanly looks, and a yummy prick. Playing a sexy nurse, she vaccinates two brawny studs, then follows up with a house call, discovering that they are in need of sexual healing, so she crouches in doggie, ravenously sucking one turgid tool, with sluttish avarice, while his buddy licks her asshole. When she switches to greedily suck the other guy’s horse cock, with aplomb, his pal sucks her rock-hard, savory sausage, as she groans elatedly. After a tasty 69, she moves into doggie, as the guys intently fuck her mouth and ass, while she moans, and yelps, with uncaged, bestial passions. Switching orifices, they frantically fuck her mouth and ass in missionary, as she moans, and cries out, in depraved jubilation. Once she is on one guy in reverse cowgirl, the other slides in, for a cozy DAP, as she moans, and cries out, in decadent exultation. They continue their DAP in cowgirl, vigorously driving their huge cocks into her ass, with fiery fervor, as she moans, and shrieks, in whorish rapture. She then gets her mouth and ass ferociously fucked in reverse cowgirl, then spoon, as she moans, and screeches, in a cock-crazed revelry. Back in doggie, they furiously fuck her mouth and ass, as moans, and howls, like a bitch in heat, with their depositing hefty cream pies that drip out, in great gobs of goo. Then she frantically jacks off, to release her joy juice, in a powerful, gut-wrenching orgasm.

Cast: Isabella Muniz
Genre: Transsexual

Size: 1.09GB // Length:48m // Video: 1280x720 // Format: mp4

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Barbara is a ravishing, tall, svelte, tattooed, brunette, transsexual knock-out, with runway model looks, and a big, fat, juicy cock. After a tantalizing striptease, she lies back defiantly stroking her big, beefy tongue depressor, while moaning euphorically. Then she has the Fuck 6000, our piston-driven, mechanical fucking machine, slowly fuck her pretty mouth, with resolute resolve, while groaning ecstatically. She then moves into doggie having the 6000 steadfastly fuck her fine, firm, round ass with its indefatigable, silicon prick, as she moans, and yelps, with unbridled, primal passions. Flipping onto her back, with her legs spread, as the 6000 diligently drills its humongous cock into her, while she frantically jacks off, moaning, and wailing, in sluttish jubilation to call forth an intense, screaming, soul-wrenching orgasm, that spews her joy juice all over herself, for a gorgeous, gooey ending.
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Andressa’s a demure, brown-haired, transsexual stunner, with the girl next door looks, and a potent pud. Barbara is a ravishing, tall, svelte, tattooed, raven-haired, transsexual goddess, with an assertive, dominant demeanor, and a scrumptious, savory sausage. Barbara catches Andressa going through her stuff, while cleaning her apt., so she indulges her curiosity, by kissing, caressing, and undressing her. Andressa sensually savors sucking Barb’s pretty dick, with sluttish, epicurean relish, and accomplished, oral aptitude, while she moans ecstatically. Then Barb brutishly rams her steely shaft into her, bareback, in spoon, as she moans, and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. Barb then expertly sucks her hard cock, before barbarously slamming her beefy battering ram into her, in doggie, as she moans, and yelps, like a sweet, slut puppy. Then she lustfully bounces on Barb’s towering tool in reverse cowgirl, moaning, and squealing, in sluttish jubilation. Laying Andressa flat on her stomach, Barb assertively drills her stalwart shaft into her ass, as she moans, and screeches, in whorish rapture. Rolling her over, onto her back, in missionary, Barb ardently plows her beef baton into her, as she moans, and shrieks, in a dick drunk revelry, while jacking off, and spraying her sweet sauce all over herself in a glazed orgasm. Then Barbara puts her in doggie, ferociously fucking her ass, as she deposits a cream pie that Andressa squirts out, for a tasty home-baked finale.
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Bruna is a ravishing, tall, statuesque, tattooed, black-haired, transsexual seductress, who has a jaw-dropping, Smokin-hot, feminine facade, and a stiff, stout shaft. She begins with a mesmerizing striptease that would make Mata-Hari envious, then she lies back on the bed firmly stroking her stoney, horse cock. She continues stroking her potent prick while sensually sucking a large dildo that seems to arouse her inner slut, as she moans, and squeals, like a whore in heat. Moving into doggie, she has the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, steadfastly fuck her fine, firm, round ass, as she moans, and howls, with untethered, animalistic passions. The 6000 continues resolutely fucking her ass, as she lies on her side, moaning, and wailing, in X-rated jubilation, while jacking off. She finally erupts in a volcanic, gut-wrenching orgasm, that spills a gallon of goo all over herself, for a sweet, sticky denouement.
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